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When Art Is in Your Blood

Mila Tenaglia

For four generations Gloria Porcella’s family has followed an artistic and cultural path in Rome. Here Gloria tells us a little about her cultured childhood, her subsequent...

The Best Pasta Dish in NYC

Luciano Pignataro

On the 24th and 25th June, a contest will be held to find the best pasta dish in New York. The initiative comes about thanks to the Italian Association of Chefs in New York and...

Representing Italy’s Food Products in North America

Natasha Lardera

In this interview, Italian Trade Commissioner Maurizio Forte, presents his his agency’s mission of representing Italy in one of North America’s greatest specialty food trade...

Grandparents & Grandchildren. Matilda and Amanda.

Let’s talk about generations. About generations who talk to one another. Our first conversation – aired on TV and partly available online – is between Matilda Cuomo and...

Italy Pulls Off the Stunner

Bryan Solomon

Italy pulled off the upset Monday, defeating the favorited Spanish side 2-0. Italy moves on to face another difficult opponent, Germany, on Saturday, July 2nd.

Cinecittà Summer Film Show 

Giuseppe Basso *

If you’re thinking of coming on vacation to Rome between June 16 and August 14, you want to come and visit Cinecittà Studios and stay for an evening movie. Here is why.

Brexit Fallout on Italy: Watch Your Step!

Judith Harris

After days of being rocked by post-Brexit shock waves, the Italian stock market rebounded a percentage point more or less across the board. But the fact remains that the "Brexit"...

@ Grand Central - PANORAMA - An Immersion Into Italian Beauty

Beginning Saturday, June 25, New Yorkers and tourists alike will have the opportunity to experience Italy and immerse themselves in Italian beauty without ever leaving the U.S.

A Past That’s Not Even Past

Letizia Airos

Our cover story is about “Grandparents and Grandchildren in Italian America,” a series of conversations available this summer on TV and online at

Between Faith and Guilt

Maria Rita Latto

The fourth of Antonio Monda’s ten-volume New York saga has just been published in Italy. Based on a recurring cast of characters, each volume is set in a different decade of the...

It Occurs To Me That I Am America

M. T.

Ludovica Capobianco, Alessandro Facente, Veronica Santi and Giulia Trabaldo Togna came together to choose works whose focus was unified yet diverse

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